Field Force Automation - EZEMobile Suite

Batch Tracking

Know exactly which batches have gone to customers. Track batches from manufacturing till delivery. Generate reports to show you're meeting standards set by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Receipt batches from manufacturing

Receipt product batches from manufacturing on the dashboard or in the app

 create purchase orders in the EZEMobile app by barcode scanning products
View created purchase orders on the dashboard

Track batches as they move through your business

Transfer stock to different locations within your business. Got a sales rep that sells out of their van? Transfer the batch tracked product to their van.

Track the batches delivered to your customers

When picking sales orders using the app, you can scan batch codes to know exactly what batches have been shipped to your customers.

Print packing slips directly from the EZEMobile app
View created purchase orders on the dashboard

Batch Tracking Reports

Generate detailed batch tracking reports to show exactly how batches have been receipted, moved and dispatched. These reports can be used to show you're meeting the food standards traceability requirements.

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