Sales Orders

Create, pick, ship and smile when you realize how easy it was.

Create sales orders on the dashboard

Auto-complete for customer, products, and pricing fields makes creating sales orders quick, easy and accurate.

 create sales orders on the EZEMobile Dashboard
 pick sales orders in the EZEMobile app

Pick sales orders

Created sales orders are instantly ready to be picked from the mobile app. Checks are in place every step of the way to make sure orders are picked correctly.

Print a packing slip

When the order is picked, print a packing slip directly from the app* and attach it to your shipment. Alternatively, this can printed from the Dashboard.

*cloud-ready printer and internet connection required

Print packing slips directly from the EZEMobile app
Integrate EZEMobile into your accounting package

Automatically integrate into your accounting package

The sales order will be automatically converted to an invoice and integreated into your accounting package.

More on integration

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