Job Tracking

Record labour, travel costs and products used on a job. Email or print your customer an invoice when the job is done.

Create jobs on-site using the app

Add your own custom fields to the app to record any extra information for the job.

 job tracking with EZEMobile. Create a new job anywhere
 Add labour and travel costs to your jobs

Add labour, travel and products used on the job.

Keep adding to the job until it's complete. Additional notes will help you keep track of the jobs progress, there's no need to stress about remembering where you were up to.

Review jobs on the Dashboard

A full history of all created jobs are viewable on the dashboard.

View job tracking on the EZEMobile Dashbaord
Integrate into your accounting package

Export the job as a billable invoice

Once the job is complete, export the job to your accounting package as an invoice.

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