Real-Time Sales,   Anywhere

The Sales Module

Mobile Point of Sale - Create invoices and credits anywhere, lookup products, customers and suppliers. Print a receipt using a mobile bluetooth printer and integrate straight into your accounting package.

How the sales module will help you

On-Site Intelligence

Access customer, supplier and product information on the road.

Order Speed

Quickly create invoices and credits on-site. View the demonstration videos to see how fast and easy creating these are.

Sales KPI

View an overview of how your business is doing and see insights on how each sales rep is performing.

Barcode Capture

Use mobile devices to scan your products. Save time writing data down and entering it in manually.

Multiple Price Groups

Organize your customers into 8 different price groups. Give your most valued customers the best prices.

Reduce Admin Costs

Fully integrated. Data collected from EZEMobile will automatically show up in your accounting package.

Get a feel for the sales module

Create Invoices

Create Credits

Lookup Products

Customer & Supplier Info


The Other Modules


Track Jobs - Log hours, travel time and inventory used on the job. Print an invoice on-site or email it to the customer.


Know exactly what stock is where. Perform stocktakes, generate restock reports and track inventory transactions.