Mobile Sales , Job Tracking , Inventory Management

The EZEMobile Suite

EZEMobile is a suite of products that will automate & streamline your business. It consists of two parts; the mobile app where data is collected in the field, and the dashboard which gives you a live feed on what your team is up to. The Sales, Service and Stock modules make up the EZEMobile Suite.



Get an overview of your sales, review staff performance, maintain products and customers.

Data Access

On-hand access to customer and product details in the field.


You can either use EZEMobile as a standalone solution, or integrate directly into your current accounting software.

The Dashboard

Dashboard Devices

There's a lot to love

Online & Offline

Fully functional even when there's no internet access.

Barcode Capture

Use mobile devices to scan your products. Cut out errors and manual data entry.

Any Device

All major devices are supported. No need to worry about purchasing new hardware.

Cloud Based

Your data is secured in the cloud. Access and modify your data from anywhere in the world.

Excellent Support

We like to get to know our customers and will always be here for you.

Add or Remove Modules

Only purchase the modules you need. Add or remove modules at any time.

Staff Monitoring

Know exactly who did what at any given time.

It's Easy

EZEMobile has been built with usability in mind. Little or no training required.

Staff Tracking

Coming Soon... GPS track sales reps in real-time.

The EZEMobile Modules


Mobile POS - create invoices and credits anywhere. Lookup products, customers and suppliers. Print a receipt using a mobile bluetooth printer.
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Track Jobs - log hours, travel time and inventory used on the job. Print an invoice on-site or email it to the customer.
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Inventory Management - know exactly what stock is where, perform stocktakes, generate restock reports and track inventory transactions.
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