Job Tracking
Helping you get the job done

The Service Module

Track Jobs by logging hours, travel time and inventory used. Print an invoice on-site or email it to the customer.

How the Service module will help you


Log time spent on a job. Define your charge out rate and the total labor cost will be automatically calculated.


Log KM's travelled for a job and re-charge your customer for the expense.


Scan or search for all products used on a job and charge your customer for them.

Re-Open Jobs

Re-Open a job at anytime and add more labor, travel expenses or products used. When the job's done, mark it as complete to finalize it.

On-Site Invoice

When the job's done, print an invoice for your customer on the spot using a mobile bluetooth printer.

Multiple Jobs

Have multiple jobs on the go at the same time. Open the job that your currently working on to refresh your memory on what you've done so far.

Get a feel for the service module

Job Tracking


The Other Modules


Mobile POS - create invoices and credits anywhere. Print a receipt using a mobile bluetooth printer.


Know exactly what stock is where. Perform stocktakes, generate restock reports and track inventory transactions.