Get on top of your stock

The Stock Module

Ever wonder why your inventory levels are way out? Fearing your next stocktake? Wishing you could see who moved what where? See how the stock module will solve your pains.

How the stock module will help you

Accurate Inventory

Have trust in your inventory levels. Know with confidence that you can complete your customer's orders.


No longer fear stocktakes. Count with multiple devices simultaneously. At the end of the stocktake, view the cost and quantity variances.

Stock Transactions

See all transactions for a given product. View when it was received, moved, counted or dispatched and who it was done by.

Multiple Locations

Track stock levels for many locations and easily transfer stock between them. See Demonstration.

Batch Tracking

Know which items went into making each product. If a fault is found, you'll easily be able to determine the defective batches.

Get a feel for the stock module


Stock Transfer

Purchase Order

Receipting In


The Other Modules


Mobile POS - create invoices and credits anywhere. Print a receipt using a mobile bluetooth printer.


Track Jobs - Log hours, travel time and inventory used on the job. Print an invoice on-site or email it to the customer.